Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA)

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Northland Cares receives funding from the both the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) to create housing opportunities for people living with HIV/AIDS.  We receive funding to create housing opportunities for people residing in Yavapai, Coconino, Apache, Navajo and Gila  Counties in Northern Arizona.

1. Housing Trust Fund (HTF)—these funds allow Northland Cares to assist people, and their families (defined as associated members of their household) in finding appropriate housing in the event that they are already homeless, or moving from transitional housing, or rehabilitation centers into more permanent, stable housing situations.  Under this program, Northland Cares can provided:

· 1st month’s rent, security deposits, utility deposits (if required), and other housing related expenses.

 2. Short-Term Housing, Mortgage and Utility Assistance (STRMU) - these funds are designed to prevent homeless for individuals already housed.  The goal of STRMU assistance is to provide short-term assistance to help keep stable living arrangements for households that are experiencing a financial crisis as a result of issues coming from their HIV/AIDS condition.  Under this program, Northland Cares can provide:

· Financial assistance to bring rent or mortgage and utility payments current

· Provide financial assistance to cover rent or mortgage and utility payments for a period not longer than 21 weeks

· Prior to the end of the 21 week period, individuals receiving STRMU funds must complete a permanent housing stabilization plan for long-term support with assistance of the case manager, and the HOPWA Coordinator.

3. HOPWA Support Funds—these funds allow Northland Cares to assist people with various housing-related financial needs including the purchase of wood for stoves, propane for tanks, and other needs as deemed appropriate.  Under this program, Northland Cares can provide:

· Financial assistance to purchase wood for stoves that heat homes

· In instances where individuals pay other bills (like car repairs), resulting in a hardship which causes them to be unable to cover their rent, or utilities for the month, Northland Cares can cover that month’s rent and/or utility payments.

· Support services payments to certified financial planners for budget & financial counseling.

· Payments to certified nutritional counselors for discussing nutritional ways to stay healthy and out of the hospital system.

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